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Photos on Plexiglass

180/120 cm,  C-print on plexiglass



The explanation of inevitable fear of darkness as originating in man's ability to populate it with phantoms, is deflated with cruel irony. One needs to just pull out of darkness the first object caught by the lens. It can be, for example, a match box, and what's frightening is rather the persistence of its shadow that turns out to be far more real than the object itself.
Nataliya Lyakh's favorite theme is the enigmatic ability of substance to be completely unrecognizable. Ski tracks on the snow turn out to be kin to the world of prokaryotic micro-organisms, the ones we patronizingly name bacteria. A crumpled sheet of paper equals to a mountain peak bathing in the sun rays. The gas and dust of the Galaxy's interstellar matter are discovered in a garbage bag.

"...Suddenly banal and concrete objects become abstract with a special camera angle."