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120x70cm photos on canvas


Old photographs of the XIX and early XX century, inserted in the rearview mirror, emphasize the existence of future, past and present simultaneously in aesthetic and metaphoric space of the windscreen.

«A car races toward time. It dissects time with a cinematically sweeping motion, bringing the wide-eyed passengers forward to the destination. The car is ahead of Time. Time - Forward!

We know the destination, we know what awaits us ahead and… we don't know. The future [Lavenir]  is invisible, uncertain, we are unable to zero in and focus on it. What we see is just the beginning of the path with dimmed boundaries of the objects, gray outlines of roadside trees, bright ghostly lights,  other time travellers concealed in the car.

Between our gaze and what we see from the car is an invisible screen - the windshield [pare-brise]. Whatever car speed, this screen divides the space into internal and external. Windshield is static  facing the future, but becomes noticeable in the rain. As the raindrops fall on it and flow down, the  invisible becomes visible, the transparent becomes opaque, the present becomes present  [present].

But here is what we see clearly in front of us ! No, it is not what lies ahead  but what is actually behind, what can be seen in the rearview mirror. We are enraptured by this gaze from the past [passe]. The gaze from a different world. We see the past as a fixed snapshot in which human motion is frozen for eternal inspection. This intercepted glance forms an archive where the energy of the living and the dead are stored forever.» Viktor Mazin