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8/8/2,5cm Tirage numerique, plexisglass, colle sculpte


A controversial scientific theory of the 90s claims that water forever retains molecular traces of the objects it came into contact with. Even before, in mythology and in most religions, water appeared frequently as a symbol of clarity and purity. Moving water is often a symbol of transition.
In her new series 'Water-Proof ' water was finally able to enter directly into her work and the artist once again managed to blur our visual and intellectual temporal perceptions. As we ponder over these pieces of art, we do not know if water has invaded the miniature screens, if it has permeated the images and within them, or if it is an integral part of these images.
There is something in Natalya’s art that transcends time; photographs of objects long forgotten; they could be strange relics from ancient times having just emerged from the dark underwater. Or did she choose the water to play its role in purifying distorted images?
Is this the permanent mark from the objects it touched?
Or it is possible that water serves as a physical metaphor of our subjectivity.
From certain angle the actual picture appears saturated while its shadow becomes clear as a confirmation of Gustav Jung shadow archetype theory: what is dark in us becomes clear in our shadow and vice versa.
the picture of the real actually disappear from a certain angle, but casts a shadow, which is "brighter" the most original, confirming the theory of archetypes, the shadow of Jung: what is dark in us, in our light shade and vice versa.