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A PUZZLE is an enigma-game: all mysterious unclear but interlaced segments fit together somehow into a whole that suddenly becomes clear. A PUZZLE is a general idea emerging from details. It is a construction of a big picture from a series of given closeups. We can interpret the entire world and our lives as a PUZZLE. Even the tiniest details are full of inner secrets. Unsuspected dimensions await discovery. Sometimes very concrete ordinary things become abstract and vice versa. How can these hidden dimensions be revealed? It can happen with the help of literature or microscopes, music or binoculars, painting or periscopes, theater or telescopes, kaleidoscopes or a special viewpoint and camera angle.

Cities are also such PUZZLES. "PuzzleParis" invites us to construct an idea of the city from series of closeups. Being sometimes odd and even abstract, they provoke interpretations. Can usual ice cubes (with no animation) be seen as a beating heart, or raindrops as living snakes? Even the usual elements of Paris imagery (like the Notre-Dame cathedral or the Luxembourg Gardens) here appear to be seen through the eyes of a visitor from another planet. With no special effects, the elevator of the Eiffel Tower becomes a gigantic insect, and the clouds over the Concorde Bridge move like flying saucers. Regardless, Paris puzzles them all. Like a kaleidoscope of Japanese prints, the images of "PuzzleParis" capture the colors, characters, smells, tastes, fragrances and textures of the City of Lights.